Homosexuality - nature or nurture?

I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine recently on the topic of homosexuality that I’ve been thinking about since and I’m curious for some feedback.

First of all I would like to say that I don’t have a lot of question about it being a sin. That can be addressed elsewhere but I think the Bible is pretty clear on it and I do take the Bible as authoritative. Now that said, I don’t see it inherently as any different from any other sexual sin. For example I relate it to most men’s struggle with pornography. In my opinion both are simply wrong outplays of something the Lord has created to be experienced within the bounds of marriage. The only difference is if a person chooses to live out a homosexual lifestyle it is like a person choosing to indulge in pornography.

So that said, if a person has homosexual tendencies its the same a person who is interested in pornography. Both (in my opinion) should be seeking sexual wholeness and healing in understanding why they have these desires and where to have the rightly fulfilled.

Okay but that’s not what I want to talk about. Actually I’m interested in the nature vs. nurture argument. I’ve always been a firm nurture believer and a lot of that has to do with a man who works for Focus on the Family who lived a homosexual lifestyle for like 30 years and then was saved out of it. He tells the story of his father calling him a pansy etc… and only finding acceptance from an older male in a sexual relationship with an uncle or a friend or something.

He argued that the scientific work for nature has never been well corroborated and he is a firm believer in it being a nurture thing. So I stood by that argument for a long time, thinking that the Lord never intended anyone to be born with homosexual tendencies.

But that changed in this conversation with my friend who said very simply he believes someone could be born genetically to be homosexual - as a result of the fall. His argument is his daughter who was born without a left hand. He says God never intended for her to be born without a left hand, but as a result of the fall she was born that way. Could it not happen that in the same way as a result of the fall someone could be genetically different in the womb to simply desire the same sex instead of the opposite?

And so that’s had me thinking ever since. I think I’m starting to agree with the argument. I’m not saying it would be any less wrong - just that it could genuinely be a result of the fall and genetically this could be the way their wired.

What do you think?