Freedom (Galatians 5:13a)

“For you were called to freedom, brothers.” - Galatians 5:13a

I know some folks who are trying to reach Muslims by becoming like them in almost every way. They’re argument is that through this method they can create a Christianity attractive to a Muslim and they’ll be more likely to convert because it’s less threatening.

Since I heard about this (and it’s much more complicated than this) I’ve been thinking about it off and on. There seems a lot of advantages to this approach and I definitely see how they’ve arrived at seeing this the way to go. The issue I have is freedom. Muslims are not free.

They live by 5 pillars or rules they must follow if they’re to be a ‘good’ Muslim. Now don’t get me wrong. Many - perhaps even most Christians aren’t free. But they’re at least supposed to be. We cannot sanctify ourselves. We cannot sanctify ourselves. There is absolutely now ay that we could possibly sanctify ourselves. We can do nothing to make ourselves worthy of the Kingdom.

It is only by Christ’s blood that we live. And because of this we are called to freedom. Not slavery. Not legalism. Not rules.

We are called to freedom brothers! When will we start living like it?

Anyhow my thought is, our freedom should be THE reason Muslims want to be Christians. They shouldn’t desire our religion because we fast the same way, or dress the same way, or pray with the same frequency. They should desire our God because our God gives freedom.

If we would live like we were free people would have a lot less of a problem with Christianity. Instead we live as slaves to rules.

Be free. For crying out loud Lord make us free. We are called to be free.