So you're going to move to tumblr

So I’ve made the switch to tumblr. I hate to say that I’ve left a google service because I think so highly of google. Everything they touch turns to gold (seemingly) the exception that I see as most obvious is blogger. It’s been years since a worthwile update and my other wordpress blog has been updated several times.

I’ve still got some changes I want to make to this but I like the minimalist theme I chose and I like the control tumblr gives me (again the reason I didn’t go with wordpress). So let me know what you think, the old site can still be reached at (or should be soon if the DNS hasn’t updated yet).

Also I’ve always wanted a tumble blog (tumble log?) even though my blog content might not particularly well work with it.

I’m a little fearful I’ll lose my google pagerank over this change which is one of the only sources I’ve had of traffic…

Let me know what you think eh - (the comments system is still the same as my old blog, so you can still login).

I used this great tool.