On fame and legacies

Just thinking about how men (and I'm speaking here for myself) all want to leave a legacy. What is that about? I was pondering this yesterday and wondering if it was just straight up sinful or if its something God gave us. I'm not sure I came to a conclusion, but my thought was that our motivation to affect something bigger than ourselves is good thing in battle. If we don't care about the bigger impact then we wont fight very hard.

However, if in a battle you're wondering what kind of contribution you can make (being it actually fighting, or supporting the troops from home - whatever), then you're concerned that you accomplish something for the greater good of your side in the fight. So the issue then seems to me to be that we not be building a name for ourselves but rather that we be making a real impact on the battle.

That is, if 50 years from now people say, "That Roger, he was a fantastic guy," that doesn't do the Kingdom much good at all. But if they say, "Look at how (insert societal structure here) was changed!" and I had something to do with it, then I've left my legacy.

Just a thought.

But a book on grammar based completely around potty humor probably isn't great for the kingdom - as much as it might make a name for me...