God made us awesome by His blood - our heavenly citizenship (Phil 3:20)

“But our citizenship is in heaven…” - Philippians 3:20

I’ve lived overseas now about a third of my life. For the first four years I was not only a foreign passport holder - I was a diplomat because my father worked for the embassy. Being a diplomat gives a wonderful sense of not only “I don’t belong here,” but also a “No one here can hurt me, I’m invincible and my home country is WAY better.”

Now I’m just Joe blue passport holder (American diplomatic passports are black) and my life is a lot different. I’m still not a citizen of this country but now I try to fit in, to love the people and the culture. I plan on being here for the long term and so I try to become like the people. I try to like the food, to speak the language, and to understand things like what’s funny in this culture.

But no matter what I do, I don’t look right. I’m way to white. It doesn’t matter how well I speak the language I’m still way to white to be a local - and people know it. No matter how much I grow to like the food there are always odd things I cant get used to. I love these people, but the way they drive drives me nuts.

And now that I’ve been overseas for so much of my mature life there are even things about America I just cant relate to. People call this being a third culture kid (or old guy as the case may be for me).

But the point is, none of these places are my home. Even America isn’t. And not just because I’ve been gone for a while, but because my citizenship is in heaven. And we have diplomatic passports. Because God has made us awesome by His blood - and as such we have an immunity to the laws of this world.

Now I don’t mean we can break any law we want to - a diplomat wouldn’t last long with that kind of a mindset. I do mean that even if we’re convicted wrongly of something in this world or even accused correctly of serving something greater than the worldly authority - we will only be rewarded when we get home. When return to our real home.

Our heavenly home.