I update you all relatively frequently lately as though you're particularly interested in my life... that may not be true but I am particularly interested in my own life and seeing as how I have free reign on this blog I tend to write about myself a bit.

Gosh, the Lord has been so good. I live in a city with no sunshine all winter long. It's miserable. I truly love where I live except for this one thing and seeing as how I'm from Colorado (where we boast about 350 days a year of sunshine) it's exceedingly difficult for me to take. But I took vacation last week and got to visit another city where the sun is almost always shining and it has brought back joy I forget that I lose without sunshine. I spent a week on vacation and am currently in meetings with some of the wonderful people I work with.

In a few days I will head back home and for the first time in a month or so my life will return to some sort of normalcy. That's exciting. And the truth is, other than the lack of sunshine I absolutely love where I live. The people are spectacular, the food is amazing, opportunities for ministry abound and life is generally amazing. I cant get a decent beer except for about $3 and I hope that will change in the future but you cant have everything, and given the option I pick sunshine over beer.

I think I told you I took and bombed a language test recently. But what I don't think I mentioned is that by the grace of God I was still accepted to graduate school here. I mentioned I live in a closed country, well I do but the amazing thing is I'll be studying Christianity and more amazing, I'll be studying missions and theology. All of this in a country where it's not legal to be a Christian. This means I have a legitimate presence and an unbelievably easy transition into discussing spiritual matters. When someone asks what I do here, I am a student of Christianity, 'What do you believe?'

You may not think this is cool but this is a HUGE HUGE deal for me. I'm so excited I cant see straight. Through this program I will also learn some great spiritual vocabulary that I would never learn outside of a formal theological discussion setting. Life is good. My wife is great, my daughter is doing wonderful and bringing me a boatload of joy.

I'll keep you posted... and life will pick up once I'm home again here soon.