It's been a while since I've had an old fashioned post (that is one without a Bible verse). Anyhow. I had a nice day today taking a little bit of down time and writing out my priorities to see what I'm really thinking about life.

I just came back to realizing I haven't really be seeking the Lord first and foremost in my life and thus I shouldn't be surprised that I've started to feel a lack of satisfaction and then started to look funny places for it (e.g. twitter fame!).

When I'm seeking the Lord I get the desire of my heart. Satisfaction. My sin fades to the background and my joy comes to the foreground. Anyhow. Life is good. God is good. And did I mention patient and quite forgiving when I try to worship other things?

Hope all is well out there in biblioblogging world. It feels good to wake up once and while and smell the coffee... Or tea as my taste may go...