Logos Bible Software coming to the Mac SOON.

A few months ago I had to purchase Logos Bible Software for my Hebrew 1 class. At that time I also heard Logos was coming to the Mac, so I downloaded and began testing the Alpha versions of the Mac software with hopes to complete my class on the mac side.

At the time many features were not yet implemented and so most of my work had to be done via virtualization on my mac. It was a bummer to have to install Windows XP for only one program as I really don't need windows for anything else.

Well according to my email Logos is just about to be out of Beta and be running at full speed. This is great news to any Windows Logos users (as now you can switch) and even better news to Mac users.

The best Bible software available has arrived for Mac. Don't miss out.

Also, if I understand the website right, you won't have to pay a whole lot to change from the Windows version to the Mac version if you have already purchased the Windows version.

Don't think, just do. It's Bible software, on your Mac.