He manifests Himself to those who love Him. But what about the lost? (John 14:21)

"Whoever has my commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves me. And he who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him and manifest myself to him." - John 14:21

Or rather, "He who loves me . . . I will manifest myself to him."

I recognize this is a truncated version of some sort. That said however, today I was contemplating the ways the Lord reveals Himself to us. I was visiting a group of people MUCH worse off than I am and in such situations I always feel so much worse for the lost.

Sad really I think. If you lead a comfortable life in this life why should I think eternal damnation is any more bearable? I just see brokenness and truly lost people much more clearly in poor settings. Again though, I'm reminded my numbness to the lost in richer settings is wrong. The lost are lost whether rich or poor.

Then as I read this verse I was simply thinking about how the Lord reveals Himself to us. When we love Him he manifests Himself. Awesome. But does it come in the form of pain for the lost?

And we know He's written His law on people's hearts even when they're lost and has revealed Himself in His creation and everything so they will be without excuse.

I confess if someone hadn't made it very clear to me I'm not sure I would believe the Lord. I might be fascinated by the trees but if everyone told me my whole life they were accidents of nature I imagine I'd believe them.

It is a gift the Lord has chosen you. It is a gift we can even hope to know His commandments, let alone try to follow them.

And it is a gift He has chosen to manifest Himself to us. Those who love Him.