You foolish person, faith apart from works is uselss (James 2:20)

"Do you want to be shown, you foolish person, that faith apart from works is useless?" - James 2:20

For the class I'm about to take on Hebrews through Revelation (I've been doing the pre-reading for some time now) I will be required to write three papers where I pick a book of the cannon Heb-Rev and then write about how my life or ministry would be easier if that book did not exist.

This is a relatively odd assignment but the obvious answer for at least one of the papers is to discuss removing James and making the salvation by faith alone argument that much clearer. I really am appreciating that this class is helping me to understand how the writings of James and of Paul can be reconciled.

Anyhow, then I read this. It sounds like a threat. DO I want to know how faith apart from works is useless? I don't know if I do, I mean, if I'm going to be called foolish for it.

All of this is to argue the obvious outcome of faith is works. There really needs be nothing more said about this. If you're not exemplifying your faith with your works then there should be some doubt about your faith. You yourself should be concerned about your faith because true faith will affect your life in everything, especially your actions.

Anyone willing to take up this challenge? Ask God "How is faith apart from works useless?" And then come back and explain to me about your smiting. I'm curious.