Roger update

Wow. Life caught up. And quick.
I'm home and work has picked back up, albeit not as much as it will in about another month, and I'm already having to juggle to keep up. I've enjoyed blogging so much. I'll definitely keep at it, but lately I've been writing less out of an overflow and inspiration than out of obligation and to keep up.
I'm alright with that. I know that writing will always have its down times. I'm just sad that my walk with the Lord has suffered as I try to figure out where to get in my quiet time. I try to wrap my head around early wake ups... like really early.

Anyhoo. I'm hanging in there. I hope my posts stay interesting, or at least useful. And I'll try to throw in a good joke here and there.

Like... um... okay I got nothing right now... but I'll be back.

In other news the forums have picked up a little bit of steam in the last few weeks even with my more and more infrequent visits. We've surpassed 30 members (50 is what I figure it will take to be going good and strong).

Everyone surviving the new comment system? Or is it too difficult to figure out?