People will butcher one another (Revelation 6:4)

"And another horse, fiery red, came out, and the one who rode it was granted permission to take peace from the earth, so that people would butcher one another, and he was given a huge sword." - Revelation 6:4 (NET)

I know I normally quote from the ESV, but this morning I was reading this in the NET and I think the image of people butchering one another is much more graphic and terrifying than the ESV's "slay."

My next class in on Hebrews - Revelation and I've started to read the book assigned on Revelation. The introduction goes through a series of stories about the uneducated being able to understand while the educated try to pick it apart so much they end up missing the point. The point is God wins. And since we're on God's side we win too.

So with this in mind I've picked up Revelation and I'm reading through it quicker than I normally do a book because I'm trying to get a feel for the whole thing before I plow through the commentary on it. And my initial impression is, yea - God does win, but there's a lot of scary things that are going to go down first.

I'm reading about the financial crises and how much a quart of wheat could cost (a day's pay - verse 6). I'm reading about peace being taken from the earth. And what strikes me is how much we seem to teeter on the edge of these things.

Now I'm an optimist and so I don't fear living in the current world. In fact as many things as are wrong with it, I know that if I'm walking with the Lord then there is nothing to be concerned with. I know that God protects and loves even when things fall apart. But that said, I see financial crises and I tend to think this is the last financial crises ever (because it will be the worst, and lead to the end). I tend to think there are so many problems in this world it's only by God's grace it hasn't fallen apart already.

I hope my children don't grow up in a world where people butcher one another, but I know I'm not supposed to live in fear. Hopefully I sort through this stuff. I'm curious if a more in depth study of Revelation than I have ever done will put my heart more at peace (knowing God wins) or freak me out (seeing what might happen before that). Does Revelation creep you out?