The most sensational story ever told...

Normally I don't share much about my personal life. I know it is often to my detriment as people would probably be more interested in reading my stuff if they had some idea of who I was. Unfortunately this is rather unavoidable about most things, but this story is just too sensational (and I pick that word carefully) to keep to myself.

So I work in a city focused ministry and as a part of such a ministry we are encouraged and sometimes required to be involved in mercy around our city. Now mercy is tough for me. We frequently visit orphanages and the such and often I'm simply too overwhelmed by it all to process it and so I began to pray for opportunities to do mercy that I could handle.

Along came (well... lets just call him) Steve. Steve got polio when he was one year old and due to where he lived it wasn't diagnosed until it had spread and paralyzed him up to his neck. His parent's sought medical treatment and they were eventually keep the paralysis to his waist and below. From there he spent a relatively normal life until 5th grade when the school said they simply could not make special provision for him anymore.

So I met Steve pushing himself around the block near where I live on a little wooden board and immediately my heart went out to him. I began to talk with him when I saw him and eventually invited him to lunch. At the lunch appointment he shared with me much about what he understood of Jesus and he understood quite a bit, but then he opened up and asked "Can a man as old as me (he's 20) still see God when they die?"

I helped him to clear up his misunderstandings and that day he accepted Christ as his own personal savior.

So fast foward to last week. I've been gone for 4 months having a baby and just got back home a few weeks ago. I met with Steve one for lunch and he didn't tell me much about what was going on in his life. But then I met with him again and this time asked him what he's been up to. Staying in he said. And so I pressed as to why he hasn't been out and about.

"I've been staying in with my girl friend," he said.

"Girlfriend or friend that's a girl," I asked.

"No no, girlfriend. She's pregnant."

"What!?@# Is it yours?" I tried to not act too shocked and rather more excited, but I think I failed.

"Of course. Our baby is due in March. We will get married in October."

Wow. I had tried to go through some basic doctrinal things with Steve after he had become a believer and one of the things I normally cover is healthy relationships with the opposite sex. But even had we made it that far, I probably would have assumed that the topic was a mute point for a man who is paralyzed from his waist down...

Anyhow, so now I will go meet with him this week. I'm confused as to what I should challenge him with, or even if I should at all. I think I've decided I'll help him to understand the Biblical model for marriage and sex outside of marriage and living with his girlfriend etc, and then let him decide what to do. He lives in a one room home with his mother and then now this girl. She is from a place a VERY long ways away and her mother is dead and her father doesn't care for her, so she does not have a home to return to. I would get them plugged in with someone in the local church, but she is not yet a believer.

To Steve's credit, he has been reading to her from a comic book (sort of) Bible I gave to him a while back. He says every time he wants to quit reading she makes him continue because she is so fascinated by the story.

Anyhow, there is more I would share. But it would probably reveal a bit too much about all three of us... so I'll just leave it at that. This week when I go to see him I'm excited about the opportunity to share with his family again (I've shared with his mother before briefly) and to do ministry with them and hopefully bless them. I also hope to do what Jesus would do in this situation and handle it appropriately. This is BY FAR the most ridiculous thing that has ever been a part of my ministry. But I love that I get paid to do this stuff.

I'll try to keep you posted on any progress made...