The most sensational story ever told... (part 2) - and an update

First an update. My internet died for about 36 hours, not all of the internet only random parts including my access to this blog - which was interesting. A life without internet even for just a little while makes me wonder how I was possibly born before this thing was normal. How I possibly lived without it?

But now we're firing on all cylinders and I'm happy.

That said, I need to update you on my friend Steve. (See the original post here)

I went up to see him this Tuesday and try to share with his girlfriend and mother. It was a fascinating trip, I really enjoy getting out even if its a long ride to get there. I've only been to his place once before and last time the neighborhood was dead because it was in the middle of winter and so very very cold.

This time all the neighbors were out and playing and interacting with Steve (who seems to know just about everyone). It's always interesting to see people who really understand community in a way that people like me (who grew up in the suburbs) don't. The love each other, watch out for each other, play with one another's kids and are up in everyone's business. This sounds annoying but keeps people accountable in a way I would argue is Biblical.

I asked Steve about reading to his girlfriend (fiancee?) and mother from the comic book Bible I had given him. He shared a bit with me about what they'd been reading and how his girlfriend always wants to hear more (he'd told me this before). So then I asked if they believed it, and he said his mother did. Right then his mother came into the room and so I asked her if she really did believe in Jesus and she said she did (praise the Lord!). I then asked about his girlfriend and he said he wanted me to ask. When she came back into the room I asked her what the thought of Jesus, she laughed a little bit and said, "The Romans were so mean to Him!" I then asked her if she believed in Him and she said she did.

I helped to clarify a bit about what the Bible said regarding believing in Jesus according to my understanding of Romans 10:9 and told them if they really did believe this and had just confessed it like they had then they were Christians.

I don't know if the name rubs them wrong. The girl definitely comes from another religious background and this would have been awkward for her, but the mother had no background at all and I think she was probably excited about it. In retrospect telling them that they're officially Christians was probably not as important as telling them they had a Savior who had gifted them with eternal life - but you win some you lose some.

It was a great meeting and then we had lunch. 1/2 of which was edible and 1/2 of which was not. Again, you win some you lose some.

I did not choose to press the issue of them living together because I don't think either was ready to hear it. My other goal in going to see Steve was to try to get him reading the Bible. The translation I thought he had was something really old and difficult to understand (especially for someone with only a 5th grade education) probably something similar to what a KJV would be. But turns out he has a slightly wordy modern translation.

I explained to him about how old the Bible was, how it is all about Jesus but more than half of it was written before Jesus came. I had him read a passage from Isaiah 53 and then some sections from the Gospel of John. Then I explained to him about who Paul was and told him Paul's conversion which he got excited about, then I showed him where it was in the Bible. I tried to bookmark a few sections and make it seem more realistic to tackle. I think he's excited about it but we'll see.

All this to say, it appears (and time will tell) that Steve has shared his faith enough with his mother and girlfriend that they're both believers now. Praise the Lord! This is awesome! And it appears he's doing well and getting excited about getting married soon and becoming a father. Also he may begin to be reading his Bible and hopefully figure out for himself what he should be doing in regards to how to treat his wife/girlfriend. I still wonder about what my role in this situation is. I don't think he's been a believer long enough to understand much and it was such a messy situation.

But the Lord seems to have been faithful to use him in the lives of others this far, which I am thankful for.

If you think of it send some prayers the way of Steve and his family. They're wonderful people. I look forward to introducing ya'll in the next life.