God's wrath will be finished (Revelation 15:1)

"Then I saw another sign in heaven, great and amazing, seven angels with seven plagues, which are the last, for with them the wrath of God is finished." - Revelation 15:1

I read this and my thought was actually one of surprise. Recently I've been learning a lot about God's love for the institutions of society. That is, His love for Cities, or His love for the internet. These are things that aren't inherently evil, but we as sinful people have mucked up.

God loves people first and foremost - I believe that, and since He demands perfection and we cannot provide that without His Son we are damned to hell unless we believe. This is retribution for a God who demands retribution. Now He has lovingly provided a simple way out for us. But I always figured when people died that's when they paid in full for their sins (as we all have consequences for our sins in this life as well).

So here is a summary of my thought process. We were created clean and good. We made a mistake and now are sinful, and this sin has even tainted the ground we walk on. Jesus paid for our (believer's) sin's on the cross. Non-believers will pay for their sins with an eternity of fiery hell (I know it sucks, but remember there is an easy solution if this is you).

And this verse sort of brings to light to me the fact that the wrath of God will eventually be finished. Fascinating. Finished. His wrath remains for me, but is poured out on His Son. But someday it will be finished.

p.s. I already have a list of other verses I intend to blog through related to Revelation and I haven't even begun to read the commentary... This is fun.