Passing on the award.

Dan probably thought I had forgotten about him, but I have not. Life has been a bit crazy but has calmed down for the last few days and I finally had time and energy to throw this together.
A bit back he gave me an award which I have displayed in my sidebar since... But he had asked me to pass it on...
Really its brilliant because its like a permanent meme (at least the links stay on the front page longer anyhoo). But I'm pleased to pass it on because there are a few whom I think are deserving.

First of all here is Dan's original post from His regulations are as follows:
  • Display the banner proudly! Write a post about the award, but also display it in your blog’s sidebar.

  • Pass it on to three others that you think deserve the recognition. Honor someone else’s efforts to share the love of Christ on the web.

  • Link back to this post as the origination of the award.

  • Leave a comment here (on this original post) so that I know who has received the award. I’d love to check out your blog, and discover why someone thought that you were deserving.

  • Now I would like to pass the award on to the following people.
    Scripture Zealot (Jeff) - Whom I've enjoyed for some time now.
    Theology Now (Michael) - Who is still rather new on the blogging scene but is doing some good things. Also he's a regular at the forum which is always brownie points in my book.
    The Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus (Jon) - One of those big cheeses where I lurk on his site and LOVE his comics but seldom comment. (My bad Jon, I love your work).

    Here is your award (see Dan's original post if you prefer the color version):