Seeking guest bloggers to share this space

I invited a few people to come and guest blog with me, but only one of them has taken me up on the offer. So... if you'd be interested in guest blogging here about once a week and sharing what the Lord has been teaching you, then leave a comment on this post and give me the link to your blog. I'll consider a few and then invite a few.

Just so you know, I'm not wanting people to share this space with me, I just want it to not be all about me. I travel a lot and cant always keep up with writing but would like a fresh voice once in a while, so I'm looking for about four people to write about once a week (with some flexibility).

Anyhow, I'll share more details in more depth if I'm interested in how you write. But first I want to see what your writing looks like and then I'll decide.

Criteria -
1. You must be in love with Jesus
2. You must already have your own blog
3. You must be willing/interested to share about what the Lord is teaching you
4. You must be willing to write posts not much longer than mine. If you're long winded I'll feel bad for the readers.