Seek the presence of the Lord continually (Psalm 105:4)

"Seek the LORD and his strength;
seek his presence continually!" - Psalm 105:4

It took me nearly twenty years to learn that this is the essence of the Christian life. I heard it over and over again but I almost never saw it lived out. In retrospect I think my father and few other people successfully modeled trying to seek the Lord, but we're all just so bad at it.

My ESV Bible titles this Psalm "Tell of all his wonderful works," which is a good summary of what it says. I appreciate the Psalm because David pretty systematically praises the Lord and sings of the freedom the Lord has given him and his ancestors.

As a father I lay my hand on my daughter's head everyday and I beg the Lord that she would know Him and that she would know the joy which comes from seeking Him. I was so old before I learned life was not about me. I was so old before I learned I alone could never find satisfaction, hope, and love. I was always sooooo close (or so I thought) because I could find fleeting things. But I never experienced true joy, and the freedom that comes from it, until I learned to seek the Lord's strength and dwell in His presence.

Childhood was hard because I didn't understand this. I hope it's more obvious to my kids. I hope I can model a life saved by grace and not always make it seem like I'm the one who will really bring myself salvation. I want to model seeking the Lord's strength instead of my own, and seeking Him instead of the things of this world.

I should also mention, in Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret at one point someone asks Hudson Taylor if it's hard to constantly remember that he dwells in the Lord. His answer was something along the lines of "If you stay the night at a friends house, and forget that you're staying there, does that mean you're no longer in the house?"

We can forget we're in the presence of the Lord, but we're still there.