Listen to the music

I started my first class (I think I have to take three) on preaching today. And thus far I'm pretty impressed. I realized about half way through class that three years ago I happened upon the church where my professor is a pastor. So I've actually heard him preach and even enjoyed him, which makes it quite a bit easier to take his word as credible.

One of the first things he did when he walked in was share with us his blog address, which I found amusing but I was also somewhat impressed by. When an intellectual is tuned in enough to be involved in things like blogging, when they could just see it as dorky, I'm always impressed.

Well I wanted to share with you a story he used to illustrate the Christian life and the Christian church. I was going to type some of it out, but I don't want to ruin a good illustration. Here is the link: The Music and the Dance

I'm just curious, do you find yourself the kind of person who listens to the music? Or are you deaf and dancing just because you see other folks doing it? And what about your church, can they hear the music?

I definitely dance like the other people just so I can not feel out of place, but I think I go back and forth between focusing on the music and then sometimes the people.