John Wimber, John Piper, and David Mathis

I met a guy at RTS who works for John Piper, named David Mathis. I asked him a lot of questions about Piper and he generally said Piper is almost exactly the guy you think he would be. Extremely authentic and down to earth, majoring in the basics of being in the word and spending time in prayer.

Anyhow, he told me had had written this article on the 10th anniversary of John Wimber's death. Since I grew up in the Vineyard Church I found this particularly interesting. Also, I thought it curious that he told me he received a ton of angry emails after posting on Wimber...

Here is an excerpt:

John [Wimber] will be remembered for many things, one of which was his unrelenting commitment to “doin’ the stuff,” as he often put it. As John told the story, he and Carol visited a church early in his spiritual journey, immediately after he had spent considerable time reading the gospel accounts of the life and ministry of Jesus. Following the service, John approached the pastor and asked him:

“So, when do we do the stuff?”

“The ‘stuff’,” said the pastor. “What’s the ‘stuff’?”

“You know,” John replied, “the stuff in the Bible, like healing the sick and casting out demons. The stuff!”

“Oh,” replied the pastor. “We don’t do the stuff. We believe they did it back in biblical days, but we don’t do it today.”

With a rather confused look on his face, John could only say: “And I gave up drugs for this?”

And the full article can be found here.