Exciting updates and changes

Alright, apart from finishing another credit (towards my 7 year MDiv plan) as of last night there has been a lot going on.

First of all, my other blog - the sieve and the sand - has recently purchased it's own dot com.

We also just published our second book. Titled "Peeing our name in the sand." Keep in mind, this is the not the type of poetry you send to your mom. Nor will you read it in English class. This stuff is actually interesting.

To buy the book (as I know you are all rushing out to do) simply follow this link.

I also want to introduce Michael from TheologyNow.net. He has been taking part over at the forums and he's recently started a blog. I've added him to my blogroll and I think many of you will really like what he writes (it's quite meaty, in a make-you-think kind of way).

Finally, I met a guy in class this last week named Ben. He's a youth pastor and runs reformedyouthpastor.com. I know few of the people who read this blog are reformed, but you may still find this site useful. It is very well designed (he's got some skills in that respect), and I can personally vouch for him seeming to be a good guy. I shared a canoe with him yesterday and he didn't tip it, so that's always good.

So head over and check out Michael's blog, and Ben's site. Also check out the sieve and the sand, and feel free to buy our book (we make 20 cents off of every copy!).