Books, and Pilgrims Progress, pictures from RTS.

The last week and half have been a lot of fun. It's fun to come to these classes during the summer at RTS because the students all come from such diverse backgrounds and ministries. Most are non-traditional students.

We have pastors, aspiring pastors, businessmen, people from Korea, India, and even missionaries to such places. Lots of interesting fodder for conversation.

Across the hall in one of the fancier classrooms they have a small library across one wall. Here are some pictures:

Among many big fancy and OLD books is one of the biggest collections of Pilgrims Progress you might ever see. Some are VERY old. I tried to take some pictures with ya'll in mind. You vary your headers so much. Feel free to use them if you'd like. Maybe you should credit RTS Orlando for them... but I don't know etiquette for things like this.

This last one was a Latin Vulgate from 1567... in fantastic shape. Just fascinating. I cant help but wonder who held this book. (to see a larger image just click the original)