Who is Senior le Roger?

Okay, so in my fervor to write and write and never let ya'll down with mostly original content, I realize that I've neglected on thing. A feeling of connectedness.

Many of you whom I read regularly are very good about sharing things from your personal life. So the question becomes, how do I - a pseudonymous blogger - share with you about a life which I must actually keep secret out of necessity?

Well I've decided that I will do a series where for the next few days or so (I may spread it out), I'll be sharing some wonderful, colorful, 'facts' about who Roger Mugs is. If you cannot know the real me, the least I can do is introduce you to the soon-to-be Legend of Roger Mugs. Most of this will likely be straight up lies, but much of it, in order for it to be interesting at all will have to be sprinkled with truth.

This means when I say I broke a urinal off a wall in sixth grade with my bare hands and then freaked out and ran away, this should be taken as true (it is after all), and is far too awesome for me to make up. Your response should be, "Wow Roger, that's crazy, you are awesome." However, if I say that I have a Computer Science degree from MIT your response should not be, "What color is the boathouse at MIT," because that would be a vague reference to Ronin, and you would know that I do not know.

Alright, well I figure I should start with the basics, and what I've shared about myself over at The Sieve and the Sand.

Roger Mugs - B.S. Endocrinology from Colgate University in Hamilton, NY. M.A. South East Asian Anthropology University of Northern South East Texas at Houston, and a Ph.D. in Edible Food Groups from Florida University Washington D.C. campus.

While in New York he helped start the “Bi-Ped’s for Surfers” club which included all races.

Recently he was appointed Poet Laureate of the state of Hawaii where he has lived for the past seven years with his two wives, eight children and four and half Irish Schnauzers. He has been published in three languages on eight continents and written at least two well known jingles for a popular peanut butter brand.

Roger began writing after a life altering experience with a shark and television set where fellow blogger RC Ribay may or may not have saved his life. He is considered an expert in sour candy.

So that's a start. If you have questions about the legend of Roger Mugs please feel free to ask.

Also, remember to take these things with a whole handful of grains of salt. Throw them over your shoulder, if you continue reading you'll need the good luck.