To the least of these. My day. (Matthew 25:40)

"And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’" - Matthew 25:40

Today I had an experience with the least of these. On my drive home from a run to the grocery store just to buy donuts (yes, I do this regularly) I passed a car on the way home with a flat tire. I dropped my wife of at home just a few blocks away and went back to see if everything was okay.

The guy on the side of the street was a sweet guy although probably not quite all there mentally. But the Lord showed up in some cool ways and during our time together we were able to talk pretty closely about the Lord, and his relationship with Him. I was able to pray with him and generally, I think, be a blessing.

I love doing ministry like this, but I think today I was surprised at just how easy it was. Typically the things or people the Lord tugs me to talk to or pray for are very difficult for me. I want to be a blessing to them, I want to lay hands on them and pray, but its awkward or they're dirty or something.

But today was a new experience and I don't know what made it so. I do hope if he calls back because he needs more help in some way that I'll be willing and joyful to be helpful. I don't want it to ever be inconvenient to help someone out. I don't ever want to have "something better" to do. We'll see how that plays out in real life. For now I'm thankful for this experience. Thankful the Lord can still use me when I don't expect and that I'm useful for something.

I hope it was a blessing to the King.