Reasons I wont switch to wordpress

1. I cant edit the CSS without paying extra. I'm a control freak.

2. I cant edit the HTML without paying extra. Again, I'm a control freak.

3. No javascript, I use this constantly for many of my widgets

4. And finally (the real reason) I don't want to pay the $10 for domain mapping. I already own my domain but I'm a cheapskate. If you would prefer I blog on wordpress give me a holler in the comments also you could show support by giving $10 through paypal. is my account. (I need a total of $10 - but don't expect 2 people to give).

The truth is, there are a lot of things I LOVE about blogger, mostly my ability to do whatever I want with my page and make it look however I want. That said, I think I'd give it all up just for the "my comments" part of wordpress. I have another wordpress blog and use the "my comments" section everyday and see the value for my readers. As it stands, my wife wont let me spend the money when I just spent it on blogger. There! The truth is out, and unless you're willing to front the money I'm staying here.

I would love to someday use the software on my own server so I have complete control, but until then....

I know the shameless request for money seems ridiculous but I was shocked when a few months back I asked for donations towards an iPhone and actually received some money. Apparently people have money.

Also if you use blogger and have a preference for me to stay... give me a shout out too (in the comments).