How I long to be a violent man (Matthew 11:12)

"From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force." - Matthew 11:12

Or, the kingdom of heaven forcefully advancing and forceful men take hold of it.

This is such a great verse just because it's so strange. But the more I read it, the clearer to me it becomes that I am called to be a violent man taking hold the kingdom of heaven.

If this really is THE battle for the kingdom, through powers and such that we cannot see, then how passive of a role am I playing? Every time I come across this verse I'm reminded just how weak my prayer life is, and how forceful it should be. I want to be a violent man, a forceful man, I want the Lord's enemies to be freaked out when I enter into battle with them.

To be so, I have to be a forceful man. A violent man. What does a violent man for the Lord look like? I suppose a person who gives, to churches, to missionaries, and then prays his head off for them to succeed. Prays for people, cities, countries, and the world to be saved. Prays for men and women and to turn to the Lord and for the powers of darkness to fail.

I want to pray like that. Nothing less than the world, and salvation for all of it. If we really believe this stuff why aren't we in the battle? Why aren't we practicing fighting? Why aren't we growing stronger and stronger from battle after battle?

Wake us up to our wimpyness. Lord make us violent fighters taking hold of your kingdom by force.