Yahweh is Baal

For class I'm reading The Faith of Israel by William J. Dumbrell and in his section on the book of Kings he sort of passively says this:

"Elijah throws down the gauntlet, and the issue of Yahweh or Baal (a choice which may well have puzzled the average Isrelite, who seemed to have identified Yahweh with Baal) is settled on mount Carmet [1 Kings 18]" p97.

I stopped in my reading and thought, "WHAT? Israelites got Baal and Yahweh confused?" Which apparently was true simply because Baal simply meant master or Lord. In 1 Chronicles 12:5 we even find a name Baalia (or Be`aliah) which apparently means "Yahweh is Baal" (see this or this for reference).

This made me wonder if I ever get God confused with an idol. I'm sure something could be said about catholic worship of/prayer to the Virgin Mary or people who end up eventually worshiping the cross or a picture of Jesus rather than Jesus himself. But I cant come up with any concrete ideas myself, which scares me because I bet it is something I do.

I do remember meeting a guy who told me he thought music was God and then claimed he worshiped God when he played music because by making music he was creating God. It was something confusing and convoluted like that, but I suppose that would fall into the same category.

Anyhow, I mostly just wanted to point this out because it was a shock to me to hear God was ever confused with a false God, and the Israelites see a sharp contrast real quick when Elijah calls down fire from heaven and Baal does nothing. I hope there are things in our life which clear up to us who God is vs. who we think God is.