Smart-alecs go biblical; when blind men teach sinners

“They answered him, “You were born in utter sin, and would you teach us?” And they cast him out.” – John 9:34

This whole section (John 9) about the man born blind is awesome for a few reasons. First because Jesus proclaims he was born blind so God may be glorified. Second because Jesus heals a man, he could not see and then he could, this is an AMAZING gift to receive.

Finally I like it because the Pharisees get so worked up over the healing and the man handles it so well. First they call him in to challenge that he was indeed originally blind (because they don’t believe). Next they ask how Jesus did and establish clay should not have been made on the sabbath (looking for grounds to call it false). Then they go to the man’s family and question them about his vision (they still do not believe) and the final section when they call the man back in is by far the best.

Them: “Give glory to God because this Jesus you talk about is a sinner and therefore should have had no power to heal you”

Man: “What do I care if He’s a sinner, all I know is I was in utter darkness and now I see the beauty of the world around. I can walk without a guide, I can see the sun set and rise, I can gaze at the stars and trees whenever I want to!”

Them: “Tell us how he healed you.”

Man: “Are you deaf? Have I not already told you? Maybe you need healing in your ears like I had in my eyes. Or maybe you want to become His disciples.”

Them: “Don’t even associate us with this man. We are disciples of Moses, we know he is great, we know nothing about this Jesus, not even where He came from, he must be a nobody, why would we follow a nobody.”

Man: “That is amazing. You are the scribes, the teachers, the wise men, and ya’ll have never heard of Him. Yet I was only a blind man and he thought me worthy of knowing Him. Even though you claim He is a nobody He had the power to heal my eyes! God wouldn’t heal through Him if He was a sinner. God must have thought Him worthy of some power. No one has ever heard of blind man healed from his blindness and yet Jesus did it. If that’s not from God what is? If ya’ll don’t want to be associated with this man, who DO you want to be associated with?

Them: “Woa there, WE are the the teachers, the scribes, the wise men, and YOU would presume to lecture us?”

And they threw him out….

I love this story because this guy was in their face, calling them morons for not tuning into the power of Jesus and where it must come from. I love when the Lord uses the weak to shame the wise. And this man’s personality is something I can totally relate to. He is a biblically famous smart-alec.

*please take my interpretation of the verse with a grain of salt and understand I’m illustrating the situation, not re-translating it.

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