Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might (Eccl 9:10a)

When I read this verse I remembered a quote from "The Last Samurai" where Tom Cruise is talking about the people in Japan who have taken him in. He looks around an unbelievably serene landscape and while the film shows people sword fighting and pour tea he says, "From the moment they wake, they devote themselves to perfection of whatever they do." I first would like to say that Japan back then did not have flushing toilets and was probably a WHOLE lot dirtier than the movie gave it credit. But, apart from that, its significant to notice just how moved Tom Cruise's character is by this.

There is something absolutely attractive about people who pursue perfection in all they do. Someone who cares enough to pour their tea just right, stand up perfectly straight(something I know to be hard because of recent back problems and the doctors orders to do so), and take every step as if it is of great significance.

In my life there are certain investments I'm willing to make. I am in seminary (by distance) and I hope in about seven years to finish a degree of some worth. I am willing to read things that build me up, to exercise for the health of my body. But I also don't mind slouching if it's comfortable. I will occasionally skip time with the Lord in the morning for an extra half hour of sleep.

What does it mean to put our hand to whatever we do with all our might? What does it look like to cheer on the Broncos with all your might? To love your wife with all your might? To seek the Lord and read his word with all your might?

We have to do what we do to our utmost and there will be a return.
"Ship your grain across the sea; after many days you may receive a return." - Ecclesiastes 11:1 (TNIV)

Why does laziness seem to be bred into us? We are a generation of half-hearted workers. If you could pick one thing to start focusing on doing with all your might what would you pick?