Thy creatures wrong Thee, O Thou Sovereing Good! - Spurgeon

"Thy creatures wrong Thee, O Thou sovereign Good! _Thou art not loved, because not understood_: This grieves me most, that vain pursuits beguile ungrateful men, regardless of Thy smile."

This quote is from C.H. Spurgeon's Morning and Evening (April 14th Morning). It took me several readings of this to understand but really its quite straightforward. We, the people of the world, do not love the Lord because we do not understand Him.

So many people think He is a God of rules and damnation and fear and cruelty when in reality He is the God of love and perfection, and beauty, and humor and joy. He created us to live in a paradise and wanted the absolute best for us. But we, misunderstanding Him, pursue vanity and money and put our hope in Hummers and being liked by the right people in High School, Church, or even on our blogs.

I like the sheer sadness in the voice of Spurgeon as he cries out "Thy creatures wrong Thee, O Thou sovereign Good!" All of us ignoring His smile.

"For kingship belongs to the LORD, and he rules over the nations." - Psalms 22:28