Sunday morning to teach?

And different churches have different ideas of what the sunday morning service is supposed to look like. Some people genuinely believe that it is all about teaching. You open the Bible and you plow through verse by verse or chapter by chapter. If you do it some other way then you are not Christian.

I actually come from a background where the Sunday morning goal is for people to fall back in love with the Lord. To make it through the week in love with the Lord. And then to grow as believers. The teaching is only the beginning, followed by an alter call for people who are not yet believers as well as an alter call for people who need prayer for anything.

A person coming on a Sunday morning will be in a comfortable atmosphere whether they have been to church before or not. They will find fellowship, prayer, and hear the gospel. The main teaching comes on a Wednesday night service where scripture is looked at more in depth. Or at a small group, which members are expected to join.

The church I attend now cares about the teaching on Sunday morning more than other things. The main difference being the audience. Where I come from, most of the people who attend are either not believers or new believers (often first or second generation). The church I attend now is fifth or sixth generation bible-belt believers.

I wish there was a more straightforward answer to what a Sunday morning looks like. I wish there was one way that works. What does your Sunday morning look like and why does it look that way? Who is your audience?

Do we as a church fail to meet people on a Sunday morning?

Is teaching what matters?