Sunday morning to teach? (part 2)

A little while ago I posted Sunday morning to teach, and since then I have been discussing some things with blogger Nathan Stitt from Disciplulus Scripturae. You can go back and look at the discussion if you'd like. But basically we've been talking about weather sunday morning should be about deeper teaching (mostly meat), or lighter more emotional "go get-em-tiger" teaching (mostly milk). - Meat and milk being Nathan's words.

I think the issue here is that new believers often need to be encouraged at a heart level week by week until they're mature enough to engage more on a head level. I have a lot of friends whom just after becoming believers really needed encouragement that God is good, loves them, cares about them, watches out for their week etc... But it is definitely a fine balance because I think if that person doesn't get grounded mentally quickly enough, they can easily become lax in their new faith.

Now as mature believers don't we expect to get some teaching that edifies us on a Sunday morning? I don't think we are expected to just hunker down and have all the teaching be for the new believers. There must be something edifying to us or it will be hard to keep coming back. Maybe this is why some churches have the "traditional" service first with deeper hymns and deeper teaching followed by "modern" services afterwards with more modern music and lighter teaching...

Is there any easy answer to this? I'm afraid our difficulty in answering it has led to a lot of people leaving the church, or maybe just going emergent... Ideas anyone?