Richard Dawkins and lies...

Today I was spending some time in a forum where someone had the official Richard Dawkins website as his homepage. I didn't know who Richard Dawkins was (call me a dinkus) so I went over to the wikipedia article on him and was pretty shocked at what I read.

I guess as a person who passionately believes what I believe, it should be no surprise to me when someone passionately believes something else and is an evangelist for it. That said, I never fail to be shocked at someone who parades for atheism. I don't know why this bothers me more than a mormon missionary or some evangelist for another faith. I figure they all lead people astray, but everything but the atheist is just a twist of the truth, albeit a twist enough to be a falsehood. I guess it just hits me harder when someone is teaching something that is a complete jump across the line into lies.

I fear for people who do this, and it only makes me hope all the more that what I am teaching be truth.