Prayer is still intervention

I was reading an article on God's Politics, about a Colombian Massacre back in 2005 and it remind me...

Between my junior and senior year of High School for the summer I worked in a ministry called St. Steven's Society in Hong Kong. If you've ever heard of Jackie Pullinger or her book Chasing the Dragon then you've heard of St. Stephen's Society. I was working in a heroin rehab center with some pretty interesting characters.

I remember Jackie Pullinger talking about hearing children scream. She has been through some pretty crazy things in Hong Kong and she was recounting some of the stories. Sometimes there is something you can do about it, really go and intervene. In our country we have the privilege of being able to call the police on domestic violence and they can go and intervene. There are many places in this world where this isn't a luxury we have.

She reminded us that a correct response is not to turn the volume of the TV up. If we are unable to intervene physically, we can always intervene through prayer.

Believers are moving more and more towards civic involvement. Are you? In our prayer lives at least, we need to begin to be burdened for those who are oppressed or in danger. If you lift them up in prayer, it wont be long until you are forced into action (as cheesy as that sounds).