Is seminary making you a preacher, a pastor, or a teacher?

As I'm adjusting to being a student of theology it has occurred to me that I don't think I'm being groomed to be a pastor (perhaps as I assumed I would be in an M-Div program). I think I'm being groomed to be a teacher.

This, I think, is due to the fact that I'm a student at a reformed seminary. Some of the teachers have even said things along the lines of "we know that because we're reformed we tend to care so much to know ABOUT God, that we often are bad at KNOWING God."

Is this my experience just because of the tradition in which I'm receiving my education? Or is this the experience most people have attending a seminary? I must admit that I planned on walking out of school being a pastor... but that doesn't look the be the case. For me this is alright because I aspire to be a teacher, not a pastor... but I imagine there are some people out there who would be more than a little bit bummed out to be better at educating people than leading a flock.