I'm a babbling fool

"The wise of heart will receive commandments, but a babbling fool will come to ruin." - Proverbs 10:8

Our pastor has decided to take two weeks on and two weeks off with another guy filling in the teaching on the off weeks. The other guy is a good teacher but he makes weird noises while he teaches just to be funny. It is funny, but not like he wants it to be.

Today this guy was talking about fools and he quoted this verse. Specifically the second part about a babbling fool coming to ruin. His point was that a fool talks too much and a wise man will be slow to talk and quick to listen. This is taught in other places in the scripture, but few are as colorful as the idea of a babbling fool (especially bringing himself to ruin).

It got me thinking, by blogging about all the things I'm sorting through theologically, am I the babbling fool? I wonder if instead of mentioning every idea as I'm forming it, it wouldn't make more sense to wait until I have a very established theology and then begin to discuss it. The issue is that I'm not sure you every fully develop a theology, or stop developing it anyway.

I just hope that writing this, and not sharing it with my friends, will help it to turn out to be the place where I am made a fool, and in real life I'll be able to keep my mouth shut.

The babbling fool definitely describes the way I often see myself, but what can you do? I'm trying to learn to be slower to speak, but blogging actually seems to help me do that.

Are you a babbling fool? How do you cope?