The fascinating significance of bones in the Old Testament

Right now I'm taking Judges through Poets through Reformed Theological Seminary, and I was fascinated today when Dr. Currid walked through a word study on "bones" in the Old Testament.

He pretty much concludes that bones were seen as essential to some form of a resurrection. He illustrates this with Joseph asking for his bones to be taken up out of Egypt and buried more than 500 years after his death. He then shares about Saul's bones being unearthed and then moved across the Jordan to Israel. Then the "Man of God" and his bones in 1 Kings 13:21-31, and then Elisha's bones bringing a dead man back to life just through basic contact.

Finally he shares Ezekiel's experience with God and bringing the flesh back to bones in Ezekiel 37:1-14.

He says if something happened to your bones then you had no hope for future resurrection. This is made even more interesting in light of what Josiah did at the altar at Bethel during his reforms in 2 Kings 23:15-20.

p.s. look at John 19:31-38, specifically verse 37, and Psalms 53:5

It's one of the most interesting studies I've ever heard and definitely worth listening to. While I'm paying for full tuition you can listen online for free.

Open your itunes and go to iTunes U, click on Reformed Theological Seminary and then Judges through Poets by Dr. Currid.

You want to hear the last few minutes of:

Judges through Poets - 09b (from the 43rd minute)

and the beggining of: Judges through Poets - 10a