Dirt Cheap NET Bible first edition

I've used the NET Bible a little bit on my computer and been impressed with it's notes. Keep in mind almost all of the notes are about translation and little is said along the lines of interpretation like a study bible might do. But this morning inspired by a post on A 'goula Blogger and by my previous usage I snagged a copy of the $100 first edition for only $20 slightly used on amazon.'

Estimated ship date for this item: April 22, 2008 - April 23, 2008
The Net Bible, First Edition: A New Approach to Translation, Thoroughly Documented with 60,932 Notes By The Translators and Editors - NA
$20.00 - Quantity: 1 - In Stock
Condition: used
Sold by: Boulder Books

Head over to Amazon and see if there are any left at this ridiculous price. SWEET.