Adults can be blissfully ignorant

I was reading a post recently about children and their ability to enjoy life without worry. And it got me to thinking...

When I was a kid the worries I had were extremely small. I cared about little beyond my neighborhood and elementary school. I remember (growing up in Colorado) thinking that by passing through the Rocky Mountains I would be on the other side of the world. Thats how small my world was. Any my worries were just as small... just as focused.

That said, school dominated my life. I genuinely thought life would end if I forgot my backpack on my way to school one day. I feared the other kids might know their multiplication tables better than me. A good portion of my identity was wrapped up in how well I played soccer at recess that day. I dreaded every long-miserable-drawn-out-day... and was shocked at how much fun life could be when I finally graduated from college and began to learn about things I was interested in. School was a painful time, filled with simple, small, but painful worries.

As I've become more mature in my walk with the Lord, and as I've drawn closer to Him in my older age, I'm surprised at how much more carefree life can be. When I am walking closely with the Lord nothing matters. I didn't understand that as a kid... though I would still consider it becoming "like a child."

I always heard that the worries of an adult are much more than that of a child... they may be more, but they are certainly easier to manage now that I know how much bigger than me the world is. Now that I really understand how much the Lord loves me, and having experience to look back on and know that the Lord carries me through all situations. As an adult I've finally learned the secret to blissful ignorance. Focus on the Lord makes me ignorant of the worries around me.

I wish that as a child I knew how important it was to love the Lord... I might not have feared my fourth grade teacher so much if I knew there was someone bigger... someone who could smite her with fire should the need arise...