Bad theology - good people. Bad people - good theology...

I've harped on this before but I was thinking about it again today. There seem to be a disproportionate amount of people with good theology who turn out to be bad people. (E.g. I know someone who says they really think Grudem is not a good guy... bummer because I like his theology and a lot of people do).

But then there is the church I attend where the people are exceedingly wonderful people, but live with theology I largely disagree with (not on everything, but certainly some things).

My thought has always been that you cant judge people by their theology, or you cant judge people's theology by how good of people they are...

But it occurs to me... Maybe my theology is just wrong.

That would be a bummer to find out. I like to think I'm a good person with good theology, but I also know unbiased self judgement is basically impossible.

Is theology something that can be judged by it's fruit? Or is this another one of those places where the Lord just seems to have grace on us despite our bad theology?