The sun, the beach, the warmth, and my regrets

I've been gone more than a month from home now... It's really quite hard to believe that I was ever gone except its freezing here and I have been in 80+ degree whether for a month. Two weeks of which I spent on a beach on a small island off a little Asian nation.

The food was delicious. The sun was undeniably spectacular. And the beach is something I can't imagine ever being sick of. I come home to heavy jackets, wool socks and stocking cap and I wonder where I went wrong... Why wasn't I called to one of these spectacularly warm places?

I also wonder what on earth possessed me to leave my beautiful Colorado... I had no I dea what I was missing until I lived somewhere that boasts only 14 days of sun annually.

Then I buy some food at a local business and wonder if those people will ever hear the name of Jesus. And if they do... who is going to tell them?

I'm afraid at least this time... it wasn't me.