Sledding, flying, and freaking out

The very first time I was ever on a sled I went down too big of a hill and hit too big of jump. Somewhere four feet off the ground my little 4 year old head understood that this was bad. I remember hitting the ground and having the wind knocked out of me (though I was otherwise unscathed). From that moment on I was afraid of nothing on a sled... the worst had happened.
I braved the steepest hills, the scariest paths, and the highest jumps often ending up plowing into a pile of rocks in a creek at the end of the run.

When I have to travel I freeze up in total panic. Even now just thinking about it to write about it my heart is beginning to beat harder and I'm becoming shorter of breath. I'm not afraid of heights, I'm not afraid of falling out of the sky. I absolutely fear not making my transfer, and my baggage being overweight. I freeze up thinking something will happen that will keep me from flying... And I cant figure out why.

When I fly everything that could go wrong generally does go wrong. I want that experience I had as a child on sled. I want to have been hit hard enough that I'm no longer afraid of anything... but my head doesn't go that direction. Instead I fear the things that have happened will happen again. It's a total irrational fear and I cant help it. It makes me, and much more my wife, crazy.

Dependance on God through what seems to be something of an anxiety attack is a very difficult thing for me, and my travel anxiety has only recently reached levels that make it painful. I don't know how to trust in the Lord, I always get to where I'm going... but seldom without bumps on the way... Do you freeze up in some situation like this? How do you deal with it?