The turn around

Thank god for the turn around. If we didnt have the turn around then I
would pass up sooo many things the Lord asks me to do. But instead I
turn around and go back to pray, or talk, orr whatever it is i feel
called to do.

It typically happens that I walk past someone and almost immediately
feel convicted to talk to them or typicall to pray for them. One time
it was the boss of my boss, he had shared the week earlier about
living as a homosexual with AIDS. So when prompted by the Lord to stop
and pray. I promptly answered no. The only thing more awkward than
stating up conversation with your boss' boss who doesn't know you, is
to pass him on the sidewalk and then run back and ask him if you can
pray for him.

Thankfully he was willing and thankful... But then I had to pray for
his AIDS. How do you do that?

Yesterday it was for a crippled guy in the street. To stop and pray. I
rode a hundred yards past him and finally got my head on straight to
go back.

I wish I didnt hesitate and could do it right the first time. I
imagine I have to develop the habit but then it could become second
nature obedience. Instead it typically takes until I decide I dont
want to feel guilty for ignoring what the Lord asks me to do.

Thank God for the turn around.