Dr. Mature., PhD

Today I'm thinking about maturity. This is a bit away from my typical theology topic, but it will have to do for today.

Why is it that a 16 year old is so much less mature than an 18 year old? And yes, there are exceptions to this, but it can be held as a general rule. My question then proceeds to ask, why is a 25 year old considered nearly the same in maturity as a 35 year old?

At what point we do we suddenly decide it is no longer important to mature? Or is it really school which gives us the flagstones by which we measure maturity and once we're on our own we lose that ability? That or we suddenly consider being able to relate to people of all ages and life stages as a sign of maturity.

I also wonder how this ties into seminary. As I see people go into seminary, the flagstones come back. A first year looks up to a third, and an MDiv student looks up to the PhD students in much the same way a freshman in college cowers at the sight of a senior.


And how I fear an award, a test score, a degree might give me the hubris to look down on others, even those older than me.