All sins are a form of idol worship

I've been reading a book which tries to relate the Old Testament to the New by explaining the foreshadowing in the Law of Moses and how it relates to Christ. Something I just read today which intrigued me was an argument that the first commandment really sums up all of our sin. That when Adam and Eve ate the apple in the garden they were really turning from God as the ultimate power and their Lord and trusting something else could bring them satisfaction... Something we do everyday.

I think of the sins that are so prevalent today and the two that really stand out for me (at least as man) are the love of money and the love of sex. Serving mammon or sex is putting your faith in something other than the Lord. They're both idols.

This may seem obvious to you but it has never been put in such clear language for me before.

This also helps me to understand something I've learned in the last few years, which is the key to freedom from sin. The key is to stop trying to just not sin. If you just keep focusing on that you'll never succeed because you begin to worship something other than God. You think Not Sinning will bring you satisfaction. But this isn't what we're looking for. What we're looking for is God despite our sin. When we take our eyes off our sin and put them on the Lord, we seem to actually see freedom from our sin. Because that is when we are finally worshiping what is right and good....

Why is this not taught as essential to our lives? After salvation of our souls, this is THE gospel. Is it not?