Tea Drunk

So the other day I go into a tea house to buy some tea and a couple tea cups. But lately I've been mentioning the problems I've been having with my health. The issue seems to be that every time I drink tea I get a little dizzy or maybe foggy (its hard to describe) and it seems to mess with my digestive system too. It makes me uncomfortable enough to affect my everyday life. I find myself not wanting to go across town to eat because I dont want to be far from home when I start to feel like I might pass out.

Anyhow, so I'm at this tea house and I'm explaing to the lady making our tea that I think I might be allergic to tea. She asks me what my syptoms are and after I explain she laughs at me. "You're not allergic," she says, "You're Tea Drunk (醉茶)." And then she goes on to explain how this a relatively common problem. She doesn't know anyone who has it but she's heard of it. Oh, and tea drunk is worse than alcohol drunk apparently.
So whats the fix? Eat while I drink tea, and drink less.

That sucks.

Tea has become THE reason I can study. Study the language. Study for seminary. 1pm to 3pm is the most productive time of the day for me thanks to tea.
So I'm tea drunk. And apparently destined to be for a while.