The next temptation, the next sin

It can be frustrating to conquer a sin. Or even to have some level of victory. Because, it seems to me, as soon as the devil sees us succeeding at conquering one sin, he throws another at us. What stinks about it is when you begin to gain victory over a sin which you know is sinful but is still kind of fun, and then you head into being tempted to something that is no fun at all. Imagine going from gambling to fear. Gambling - if overindulged - can definitely become sinful, but at least its fun. You find yourself finally have victory over gambling and then the devil throws fear at you.

Whats fun about fear? It stinks, its sinful, and it's absolutely no fun.

I guess this doesn't take into account that I may have always faced all of these things, and just never been aware of the fear until I dealt with the gambling. etc...

Nevertheless, in my constant struggles to overcome sins that I have, I'm always slightly concerned with which sin I will be faced with next, and will it be as comfortable as the last?