The morons of the early church.

Its a tough thing to try to follow up an article that is poorly written, poorly photographed, and basically unrelated to the rest of my blog but yet drives more than twice the traffic to my site as all my other posts combined.
But after the humbling, I figured I'd do my best to give it a try.

Lately I've been chewing on what the early church looked like in discipleship and evangelism.
First of all, was the early church something which we should even hope to envy? I don't know that it was. Sure Christianity exploded in to the world in a huge way, but is that because we as people or as the church did anything right? I'm not convinced it is. Any more than just circumstances of the time. The Far East is turning to the Lord in droves these days, and not because we're suddenly much better at evangelism, or doing something different, it seems to be that we're just finally offering a way to the one true God and people are thrilled at the opportunity.

In the same way, in the early it church, it was rough for someone other than a Jew to serve YHWH, there was a process but it wasn't easy, and you would always be a "gentile" instead of one of God's chosen people.
Suddenly the Lord offers a way for everyone to know Him instead of just the people born into the right families. I imagine people are thrilled. It's the same thing here, religion has been illegal, and while it still is in theory, people are still excited to finally hear the truth. Probably any religion (I'm sad to say). People are thrilled to grasp on to anything they can. We're not doing anything right, the situation is just ripe. Ripe as can be.

Anyhow. We definitely have to take advantage of the situation while we can. But we're still the bumbling morons making all kinds of mistakes in evangelism, yet we're seeing people come to the Lord in huge numbers. In the early church there were no books on evangelism, the clearest gospel message literature was Pauline, and how many people got that easily? They were bumbling idiots as much as us. But the Lord used them. The time was ripe.

All this is to say, we seem to look at the early church and analyze it and try to mimic it, but I'm not sure we should. I'm not sure they were doing anything particularly right. They were still just a whole bunch of unhealthy people trying to lead other unhealthy people. the Lord just had grace on them. I pray he would continue to have grace on us.