Life worth living

I read something a couple of months ago which said something along the lines of,
"We Christians have been living a myth, that without heaven our Christian lives are worth living. But the truth is, a life following after simple satisfaction sin is more satisfying in the here and now than a life of pietism, or avoidance of sins."

Now I don't know what my problem was when I read this, but for some sick reason I agreed with it. Thinking, "A life of listless sin really would be more satisfying."

But I then read something else just yesterday which asks "If there were no heaven and no hell, would you still follow Jesus?" And I find my answer being an overwhelming yes. I remember what life was like back when I sinned. It was filled with temporary satisfaction. Things that I often find myself desiring to return to.

But the thing I'm shocked that I forget is just how empty those things are. There is meaning to life. There is value in life. Life is not entirely about sex, or drugs, or "sins" or music or whatever. It may include some of those (read sex, and music....), but in the realm that pleases the Lord.
The longer I follow God, the more I am convinced that I have real satisfaction and VERY few of my friends do. Several of which are Christian but dont yet understand the freedom they have in the Lord, the joy they can experience because of what He did. And there is not one of my non-Christian friends that is not chasing after something that I know very personally will not satisfy.

It's sad, but there is absolutely no life outside of Christ. There is no life worth living outside of Him. If He created us, of course he knows how we can best live. And there is a place for sex, for joy, for alcohol even, but outside of his plan for these things they become twisted, and unsatisfying.

Thankfully people out there eventually do admit that they cannot find anything that satisfies in life. Some of those do eventually turn to Jesus. And some of those do eventually find a life that satisfies. I just wish I was better at articulating what an amazing joy it is to find satisfaction in all I do. If we knew how to express that life with Jesus is not a life of sin management but a life of overwhelming joy in knowing and loving and serving your maker, maybe people would understand that its something truly to be desired....