Hope in a hopeless world

Today I was raving to a friend about a wonderful experience I had today. A friend who turned to the Lord. And the hope it gave me. There is a shocking amount of sadness in this world, and when I encounter hope in a hopeless world it overwhelms and excites me.

My friend then shared about his recent experience in a poor neighborhood at a tea house charging a mere twenty cents for a cup of tea. Outside of the neighborhood a five star hotel was just built and now there is an upper class shopping market going up in between the two. As my friend joked with the owner of the tea house about his new competition in the five star hotel, he couldn't help but wonder how long until the neighborhood is torn down completely and replaced with upper class housing.

There is a shocking amount of hope. And an even more shocking amount of hopelessness in this world.

I'm reminded of something I've read lately where someone asks "Why is there so much pain in the world?" And the response is, "you tell me?"
Simply implying the hopelessness of the world is on our shoulders.

What do you think?